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David Pickron
"I began CrimeFreeCircle after a horrible experience I once had."
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I came home one afternoon to find 2 strangers in my house cleaning part of my carpet. They had showed up earlier in the day and convinced my wife to allow them to show how great their carpet cleaner was and offered to clean one room for free. She agreed...
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I got a phone call from my wife one day that the people who delivered our dining room table got into her purse and stole $200 while she was in the back room with the kids. I was so upset I told all my friends how terrible this furniture shop was that they would send thieves...
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I am often asked what motivated me to create a crime free certification for individuals. Those who are close to me know that I am very protective of my family, as all fathers should be. I teach internet safety classes for churches and schools. I serve on Non-Profit boards aimed at protecting children. At night I lock my doors, set my alarm and make sure my family is safe before I go to bed. Even further, as a licensed Private investigator for many years, I have made my living by performing thousands of background investigations on people. Yet one morning, I had an experience that could have been life altering to my family and it changed my way of thinking about who should be allowed to come into my home and business.

On the morning of August 12th 2006, like every morning, I left my house headed for work. My landscaper was trimming my front trees with an extended chain saw. I rolled down my window and said “Good Morning.” His flat toned response to me was “I am raising your rates.” I remember saying to him, “Well good morning to you, too.” He continued and said he was serious, repeating that he was raising his landscaping rates. I could tell something was wrong with him as he easily becoming agitated; he was in no joking mood. I opened my car door and stepped out and, in a serious tone asked, “What are you raising your rates to?” At this point the conversation

went south and he replied, “Why are you asking me you cheap (expletive).” I was taken back by the hostility and recognized his excessive twitching and lack of eye contact.

He started going into a verbal rage, calling me every name in the book. There was no doubt in my mind that he was tweaking on some type of drug and having a meltdown right in front of me, and all I could hear was the roar of that 2 cycle chainsaw motor, unable to take my eyes off of the blade. I thought to myself, “I cannot have this individual at my home around my wife and children.” With conviction in my voice, I declared that I would not be employing him anymore and requested that he leave my property immediately. As you can imagine, he did not like my response and came at me, bouncing the motor of the chainsaw against my chest. I ran into my house as my heart started pumping. My thoughts were consumed with protecting what mattered most to me...my family!

I told my wife not to ask any questions, just get in her car, open the garage door and leave; I would call her in a few minutes to explain. Once she got in her car and left, I proceeded back down the driveway where my landscaper was waiting for me. He continued to scream obscenities, and I remember shaking like I was in a high school fight. Luckily, he gave me a clear lane to get into my car and leave, not caring about what he might do to my house. As I drove away, I could see his contorted face in my side view mirror, arms raised over his head shaking the chainsaw like a scene from a bad horror movie.

I knew that by hiring this individual and not checking his background, I had left my family unprotected and jeopardized their safety. As a licensed private investigator with all of the tools at my disposal to investigate an individual’s criminal history, I felt I had really let my family down. Later that day I performed the investigation on this individual, which I should have done in the first place. He had just been released from prison for; you guessed it, drug use and distribution.

I began thinking, how can my family, friends and neighbors protect themselves if I, the one with all of the tools and resources, couldn’t? The overwhelming majority of homeowners do not have the resources to check out the people who enter their homes for service work. How would they get Bob’s social security number or date of birth? The same goes for a business and the background verification of the service representative they want to hire?

I made a pact with several business owners; if they would see our vision and hire the right way, we would certify that their employees were crime free and give them tools to prove their employees background certifications and promote their businesses. That is where CrimShield was born.

Now, a homeowner or a business owner has the ability to get an email notification, stating that the representative coming to their home or business is crime free. When the representative shows up, he will have a CrimShield certification badge which can be verified by the homeowner or business online at no cost. Once the representative leaves, the homeowner or business owner has the ability to rate the experience using an online questionnaire.

Simply stated, I want to keep families, both mine and yours, safe from known criminals. Who we allow to come in to our homes and businesses is crucial, even critical, to the safety of our families and employees. Keeping away these known individuals that could be casing out your home, looking to come back later to steal your belongings, prescription drugs, or even ID documentation is vital. Sadly, not all people are honest; don’t become their victim. Join the cause to use only crime free, CrimShield Certified individuals... and become one yourself.

David Pickron
Crime Free Circle, Founder


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